Mar. 06, 2021(Sat)

ぐるたみん LIVE-G TOUR 2021 A& 〜Additional Show Time〜

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  • Member Only Lottery


    • Sale Period:2020/11/08(Sun) 10:00 - 2020/11/16(Mon) 23:59
    • Lottery Result: Email will be sent from 2020/11/20(Fri) 15:00
    • Payment Methods:Credit Card・Convinience Store

    • ※This sales has a limit to the number you apply.
    • You can apply 1 times in 【SC会民限定】G-TICKET.
    • This ticket 【SC会民限定】G-TICKET is 「ぐるた民」サポーターズクラブ限定 type of ticket. Only registered users can buy this ticket.
    • If you don't have an account, please register your information and create the membership ID from Here.

    Readable DateTime: Mar. 06, 2021(Sat)