Information Provided Under Japan’s Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Operating Company SKIYAKI Inc.
Person in Charge Takuya Miyase
Location 4F Fuji40 Building, 15-14 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0031 Japan
Phone Number: 03-5428-6802 (Add prefix +81 if calling from outside of Japan)
Hours of Business:12:00pm-16:00pm (Japan Standard Time)(Mon-Thu)
Required fee other than charge on product System usage fee may apply depending on the type of ticket you are purchasing (please refer to product description for details)
The Customers are to pay the purchasing cost of smartphone, viewing of the website, app. download, and communication fee that accompanies receiving of SMS etc. in order to display the ticket. Depending on the payment method selected by the customers, separate payment handling fee may apply.
Time of delivery As soon as the payment procedure is completed, we will issue you the ticket.
Payment Methods

■ Credit Card
Payment fee: 0 Yen

  • VISA

■ Payment at convenient store
Convenience Store Transaction fees

  • When the tatal amount is for 30000 Yen or less:440 Yen (tax included)
  • When the tatal amount is for 30001 Yen or more:660 Yen (tax included)
Within three days after your order, please go to the convenience store that you chose and complete your payment.
The payment at convenience stores are only accepted in Japan.
Attention: You have to pay advance at convenience store. Your order will be cancelled if the payment is overdue.
The payment at convenience stores are only accepted in Japan.

■ PayPal
Payment fee: 0 Yen

Payment period Payment will be settled upon purchase procedure (Billing date will follow the use term of payment method that you are using)

Once the purchase procedure is completed, the customers cannot ask for cancellation/refund/change due to one’s personal reasons.

However, refunds will be made within the amount indicated by customer (A) based on separate procedures mandated by the Company. We will refund the cost you have already paid if both of the following criteria are met. If customer (A)

  •  1. notifies us with their desire to cancel their ticket purchase after specifying the amount to be refunded;
  •   2. The cancelled ticket was bought through the Company by a separate customer (B) for the price mentioned above specified by customer (A).

(Please note that remittance handling fee of "SKIYAKI WALLAT" will be charged separately when receiving the refund amount).

If the event is cancelled, the Company will refund the equivalent amount of the ticket price (Please note that system usage fee, convenient store payment service charge will not be covered by the refund).