SKIYAKI ID is the free account required for this service.
Anyone can get SKIYAKI ID for free just with entering your email and password.

2.How to create SKIYAKI ID

You can create SKIYAK ID from Registration page.
Enter your email and password in the page and click the "New Registration" button for registeration.
After you press " New Registration" button, the confirmation email will be sent to you. Please access the URL in the email to complete the new registration.
※If you don't receive any confirmation email from us, please check if you entered the correct email or if you have set the junk mail setting first. The, please resend the email from the re-send registration email page.

3.Sign in with SKIYAKI ID

After you created SKIYAKI ID, you can log into My Page from signin page.
※If you forget your password, go to Password Setting page to reset your password.

4.Edit Your Profile

You can edit your information related to your SKIYAKI ID from the Edit page.
※You cannot change some categories.

5.Unregister your SKIYAKI ID

If you want to unregister your SKIYAKI ID, please contact us from Contact Page.
※You may not unregister your ID depending on your status.